Welcome to Tabletop Tales

This blog is an online host for the stories told through tabletop gaming by me and those who journey with me, on the tales we weave through our gaming exploits.

I hope you enjoy the stories we tell and that they help inspire you to go on a journey with others and maybe, just maybe, write tales of your own.

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Welcome to tabletop tales.

For more years than I care to remember, I have been tabletop gaming; connecting with others and telling a story through the games that we played. Narrative has always been important to me, being keenly aware that the stories we tell ourselves and others impart a truth we might not otherwise express…

As humanity becomes more connected than ever through social media and the internet, it is unfortunate that this gives rise to distance and isolation from others; a disconnection from interacting via the virtual world. Now I recognise the irony in this given I am blogging on the internet, but hopefully this may inspire some of you to get together with loved ones and connect with one another through the sharing of your own story.

So I invite you to learn more of my truths and the truths of others, as I recount the tales that emerge from the narratives we weave together through tabletop gaming. These may be from sprawling campaigns using tabletop miniatures, epic tales from RPG’s or from a lazy Sunday spent rolling dice on a standalone board game.

Regardless of the setting, let me be your guide as we journey together through these tabletop tales.